Case Study

Critical Force is a Finnish mobile game company that specializes in online shooter games. Their latest title, Critical Ops, achieved over 80 million downloads worldwide. Learn how after an extended A/B test, Critical Force streamlined their ad operations, improved performance, and moved 100% of traffic to the ironSource offerwall

The testing phase: setting the KPIs, duration, and terms

We were already using ironSource rewarded videos, and their offerwall presented an opportunity to streamline our operations. Before implementing the ironSource offerwall, we were monetizing our game Critical Ops with a different offerwall provider. We knew there was more potential to boost offerwall revenue from our in-store menu and hit our eCPM goals, hearing about how ironSource helps FPS games like ours achieve high eCPMs and ARPDAU using their offerwall. 

We wanted to make sure the switch to a new offerwall provider would yield real results, so we asked ironSource to run a test of their offerwall against our current setup. 

Diversifying event lengths and getting bids up

The ironSource team optimized our in-store offerwall performance in a number of ways - first by introducing new types of offers. Long-term offers get much higher bids and are much more valuable and therefore boost eCPM, but short-term offers are still valuable for engaging users early. Creating a mix of short-term and long-term offers appealed to every kind of user of our game and increased engagement. 

ironSource also helped increase our offerwall performance by tracking the biggest demand opportunities in their network and encouraging them to increase their bids. All this effort by the ironSource team led to a major boost in eCPM.

Achieving a $232 eCPM and moving 100% of traffic to ironSource

After running the test for 3 weeks, we were able to count the long-term completions and ensure the eCPM value was accurate. 

At the end of the test, we saw the following results:

  • eCPM: $232
  • ARPDAU from engaged users: $0.93

ironSource hit all the target KPIs we had set, and at the end of the test, we decided to switch all of our traffic to ironSource. Now, we see our offerwall is performing better and with more consistency than before we integrated with ironSource. 

"ironSource hit all the target KPIs we had set. Now, we see our offerwall is performing better and with more consistency than before we integrated with ironSource."

- Miikka Lehtonen, Executive Vice President at Critical Force

We continue to see a steady increase in eCPM, proving that we’re getting more out of our offerwall and maximizing profit. Our experience proved to us how ironSource is constantly pushing their development and management tools forward to reduce unnecessary overhead that burdens developers and UA managers.




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