Case Study
Nexon increases IPM by 50% with ironSource soft launch

Nexon M is the San Francisco division of Korea's largest mobile gaming company, NEXON.

Nexon M's portfolio includes the hit games like DomiNations, Titanfall: Assault, and more.

The challenge

Nexon M was planning the global launch of Battlejack - the game it was publishing on behalf of the Finnish developer Grand Cru. During the initial phases of this several-month soft launch, Nexon M discovered an underperforming video conversion funnel, specifically in the CVR from click to install.

Nexon M rushed production of several additional creative assets and reached out to ironSource, their trusted soft launch partner, for playable support.


  • Improve conversion funnel of creative assets
  • Scale user acquisition during the global launch
The solution

Over the course of the intervening month, Nexon M made several other attempts at compelling videos and made incremental improvement of about 35% CVR.

Finally, ironSource, together with Nexon M's own creative team, discovered why the video assets were underperforming and created a true-to-life playable for Battlejack, which was a fair representation of the game itself.

The gameplay style was card battling with a hero collection, mixed with a blackjack system for the damage rolls. It was an RPG with several innovative twists that received a warm reaction from critics.

“The real game changer was when ironSource in collaboration with our own creative team was able to accurately diagnose the issue and create a true to life playable for Battlejack.”

- Robert Garfinkle, Sr. User Acquisition Manager at Nexon M

The results

Ultimately, at the time of the worldwide launch, this high-performing asset allowed Nexon M to gain an advantage of about a 50% increase in IPM, resulting in ironSource becoming one of the top sources for the launch.

ironSource took the #1 spot for install volume, the lowest CPI by 8% from average CPI in the US market, and the ROAS competitive with major social networks.





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