Today, we announced that our merger with Unity is complete. It's a big day for both companies, and we’re excited because our teams and complementary capabilities will help us deliver even more ways to help game developers bring their vision to life: 

The leading end-to-end platform

The combination of Unity and ironSource is transformational in that it will give mobile game developers the tools they need at each stage of their development journey: from building, publishing, and operating mobile games to monetizing them, if they choose to, and growing their player base across multiple channels. 

Integrating creation and growth

It’s not just about having all of these tools in one place but also about connecting them so that they work together to simplify the whole development process. Together, we can transform the linear mobile game development process into a deeply connected and interactive one. By integrating ironSource's products into Unity's platform, developers will be able to get real-world player and market feedback earlier in the development process, which means that they can learn what players really want, make better games and be on track for a more successful game businesses. 

To read the rest of the blog post, head over to Unity’s blog here.

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