Unity is excited to announce its expansion in the European (EMEA) market for its Programmatic Exchange, following four years of exponential growth for direct brand and agency sales in North America .

Growing Opportunities for European Advertisers

Many of the largest brands in Europe are already utilizing supply from both the Unity and ironSource Exchanges on the open market, indicating the significant value the supply holds for European advertisers. In fact, Unity has established preferred supply partner relationships with major agency holding companies, laying a solid foundation for its expansion into Europe. By establishing direct relationships, Unity can now better support global brands' marketing efforts and drive mutual success in the EMEA market.

In addition to existing partnerships and supply relationships, Unity is excited to introduce our programmatic solutions and support to EMEA brands and agencies. Leading the charge for our work in sales in the EMEA market will be Katya Kornilova. With her proven track record in the mobile gaming and programmatic industry, Kornilova will spearhead the initiative to establish and nurture direct relationships with brands and agencies across the European market, further solidifying Unity's commitment to delivering unparalleled support and innovation.

Commitment to Programmatic Excellence 

As part of our expansion strategy, select demand partners connected with the ironSource and Unity Exchanges can now receive consent signals, per IAB's Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) 2.2. By supporting the transmission of TCF consent signals, Unity reaffirms its dedication to supporting demand partners in their efforts to comply with data protection regulations for a more ethical, sustainable advertising ecosystem.

Unity's expansion into the EMEA market signifies more than just a geographical growth; it represents a commitment to redefining the future of mobile gaming and programmatic advertising in Europe. By leveraging its success in North America and combining it with strategic partnerships and industry expertise, Unity is poised to lead the way in delivering innovative solutions, exceptional service, and measurable results to brands and agencies across Europe.

For any inquiries or further information about our expansion into Europe, please contact Katya Kornilova.

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