Unity is delighted to announce that Unity Ads and ironSource Ads will soon start their alpha as real-time SDK bidders on the AdMob mediation platform and Google Ad Manager (GAM) platform, helping app publishers maximize their revenue opportunities.

In-app bidding increases buyer access to the mobile app inventory, helping developers maximize their revenue opportunities within the bidding networks. AdMob and Google Ad Manager’s access to Unity Ads and ironSource Ads bidders creates an opportunity for their publishers and developers to get the highest bids possible for their inventory, while empowering the networks' advertisers with access to premium ad inventory and strong opportunities for scale and growth. 

App publishers using AdMob mediation and the Google Ad Manager platform will benefit from access to the Unity Ads and ironSource Ads bidders. In addition, AdMob and Google Ad Manager publishers will be able to seamlessly add Unity Ads and ironSource Ads networks to their monetization stacks without creating new waterfall instances, improving operational efficiency.

“We have long collaborated with Unity, and are excited to take the next step in this journey by making demand from Unity and ironSource’s ad networks available to our AdMob and Google Ad Manager publishers,” said Ali Pasha, Director of Product Management for Apps Monetization at Google. “This SDK integration will especially benefit our gaming app publishers, bringing additional value and access to high-quality advertisers.” 

“We’re excited to be working with Google to help more publishers maximize their apps’ revenue through the strength of our bidding networks,” explains Nadav Ashkenazy, SVP and CRO, Unity Grow. “This partnership helps more developers and publishers take advantage of high quality demand from two of the industry’s strongest networks.” 

There will be further announcements from Unity once the bidders are available in beta.

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