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MoPub migration: From MoPub to ironSource in one easy step

With the MoPub acquisition about to close, and the imminent deprecation of the platform, we wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you. MoPub has been a competitor, but also ultimately a partner, in growing the overall app ecosystem, and in making mediation one of the critical pillars in the app developer’s business tech stack. 

To MoPub’s clients -  we understand that you chose MoPub because when you’re using a technology that manages all your ad revenue, you want to work with a mature, stable and brand-safe platform which has been around for many years and operated successfully at significant scale, serving all kinds of app and game developers. 

We identified the importance of mediation technology early, and we’ve spent the last 8 years honing and perfecting our platform to make it as powerful and effective as possible in empowering developers to generate revenue and grow their app business. 

But beyond our technology, we’ve made it a priority to invest as much in our customer relationships as we do in our product. That’s what has made us worthy of the trust of the majority of the biggest game companies operating today, and what has made us the natural choice for so many developers looking for an alternative due to the MoPub deprecation. 

We know that being forced to switch mediation providers in a challenging time frame can put the wrench in your roadmap, and deprioritize other important things you want to be investing your time in. Our goal has always been to let developers focus on building great apps and games, while we support their business growth and expansion. Part of that means respecting your time, and investing our time in working to make it as easy and non-disruptive as possible for you to navigate through the MoPub deprecation. 

That’s why we’ve created several initiatives designed to help you make the transition from MoPub to ironSource as smooth as possible: 

MoPub migration tool

Changing mediation providers can be an incredibly time-consuming process. We’ve created a tool to tackle the work of migrating to a new mediation partner which will help eliminate that manual overhead. Click here to connect your MoPub API key and start the migration process. Not sure how to get your API key? See how here

Migration knowledge base

The repercussions of the MoPub deprecation are serious. It will have an impact on every team in your company from operations, to tech, to marketing, and even finance. It can affect your LTV modeling, and end up reducing revenue from older games that haven’t been updated in time. Over the next couple of weeks we will be releasing content designed to help you understand the implications, as well as best practices for getting the most out of your mediation. Want to get started yourself? Many developers have talked about how easy it is to move to ironSource, and you can check out technical documentation for migrating from MoPub here

Global migration workshops

Another way we’ll help you manage this change is through a series of migration workshops. MoPub customers from around the world will be able to sign up and have all their migration needs taken care of during the course of the workshop. We’ll have developers and growth experts on hand to walk you through the migration process. To sign up, or suggest a city for a workshop, click here

MoPub migration help center

Already in the process of migration and have specific questions? Want to check something before starting migration? Email and one of our tech experts will get back to you. 

MoPub helped many app developers monetize, but we know that ad revenue isn’t the only ingredient in a strong app business. That’s why we built an entire platform designed to fuel your app growth from every angle - from analytics, to optimizers, to creative production and UA automation. We pioneered an app business model where user acquisition feeds monetization and vice versa to create an infinite flywheel of growth, and this platform-based approach has driven incredible success for partners such as King, Sybo and ZyngaStart your migration from MoPub to ironSource today.

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