This Wednesday ironSource hosted a delegation of thirty senior executives from Tencent, one of the preeminent internet companies from China.

Yuval Reisman, GM of ironSource China Operations based in Beijing, greeted the guests and led a tour through ironSource’s Tel Aviv headquarters. Tencent luminaries such as Wang Huan, Vice Chairman of Senior Management Development and Organizational Enhancement Department and Liang Bo, the HR of Management & Development, listened as CEO Tomer Bar Zeev and Deputy CEO Omer Kaplan gave a high-level explanation of ironSource’s market leading application discovery and delivery platforms.

One of the questions raised was how to make the Tencent-owned social networking application WeChat more popular outside of China. Tomer Bar Zeev suggested focusing on a single region such as Brazil, pay careful attention to the ROI of marketing efforts, and then consider once again.

The trip marked the most recent encounter between ironSource and prominent Chinese companies in Israel. Along with Tencent, ironSource is proud to include other Chinese giants such as Baidu and Cheetah Mobile as trusted partners.

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