App engagement peaks during the holiday season - according to our client research, about half of people will play mobile games for at least an hour per day during the holidays. So, how can app developers and advertisers make the most of this uplift in traffic? By utilizing special offerwall promotions, otherwise known as currency sales. 

Special promotions are time-limited promotions that offer users 1.5-10x the standard offerwall reward in return for completing a task, like playing an advertiser’s game and reaching the end of a level, or filling out a survey. By participating in these promotions, developers and advertisers can both boost their revenue and acquire high ARPU users at scale.

Combined with the uplift in mobile engagement during the holiday season, the offerwall is even more rewarding during the holidays. In fact, spend is the highest during holiday special promotions. 

Offerwall average spend

Not to mention, the holiday season is the height of shopping season, so there’s even higher revenue potential than usual for retail. 

Let’s break down the most strategic ways app developers and advertisers can boost their KPIs with special promotions this holiday season.

Get creative with messaging

Users won’t necessarily know how valuable special promotions are unless it’s made clear to them - that’s why creativity with both text and graphics is key. Here’s how both advertisers and developers can step up their holiday messaging. 

App developers

For app developers using Tapjoy offerwall, the key to optimize your messaging is Message to Earn. Message to Earn are strategic pop-ups that notify and remind users about upcoming special promotions. As it turns out, utilizing messaging leads to massive growth in offerwall impressions.

Special promotions messaging

Special promotions messaging should be on brand with the unique themes from that promotion. That means that, just like advertisers’ offers, your Message to Earn pop-ups should include a festive theme based on the holiday. 


During the holiday season, advertisers’ offers themselves should create a festive mood that fits each upcoming holiday promotion. To best appeal to your users, advertisers should also include key terms like “gifting” and “holiday” in your messaging 

Focus on timing

During the holiday season, timing is everything - so it’s critical that developers and advertisers create a sense of urgency during special promotions. 

App developers

When using Message to Earn, or reminding users about promotions in general, app developers should highlight that the promotion is time-limited and exclusive. To minimize confusion, make sure to also clarify exactly when the promotion finishes. For example, this Message to Earn pop-up says exactly how long the special promotion lasts for, and clearly states when it ends.

Special promotions examples


To stay competitive and attractive, advertisers should also regularly switch out their offers during special promotions. This way, you can appeal to a wider pool of users. After all, different creatives will appeal to different users. And similarly to developers, advertisers should modify the text in their offers to make it clear that this offer won’t last long.

Finally, timing is key when it comes to participating in special promotions. By setting yourself up to participate in special promotions ahead of time, you can maximize your opportunities for growth - especially during the busy holiday season. 

And with the Tapjoy offerwall, setting yourself up for special promotions is simple  - just reach out to your account manager to get started.

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