ironSource is excited to announce the addition of Facebook Audience Network to the demand sources supported by our in-app bidding solution. This is the latest development in our mission to help game developers grow their businesses.

In-app bidding is making big gains so far in 2020. In fact, ironSource expects 70% of its mediation traffic to run through bidding by the end of the year. That’s largely due to the advantages developers are seeing over traditional waterfalls, including automation, increased revenue, and reduced latency. But while automation can help reduce manual operations and free up time to focus on monetization optimization, to truly increase revenue, developers must be running with maximum bid density - in other words, integrate multiple high-quality bidding networks into their auctions. 

That's why the addition of Facebook Audience Network to ironSource in-app bidding is such an important step in helping game developers reap the full benefits of in-app bidding. In addition to ironSource, Tapjoy, and AdColony, developers using ironSource mediation can now access more demand from one of the industry's largest bidders to maximize ad revenue. 

Driving up prices with increased competition

Ultimately, in-app bidding works best when competition is high. Just like in an auction, with more bidders vying to win, the price of the item increases. Similarly, bid density pushes up what networks are willing to pay for each impression, ultimately maximizing revenue for the developer. From the tests we’ve run internally, we’ve seen that the more bidding networks a developer has integrated, the higher the revenue lift. In fact, depending how optimized the waterfall is, we’ve seen significant increases in ARPDAU

This increase in key revenue metrics like eCPM and ARPDAU which developers are already seeing with in-app bidding solutions like ironSource, will only grow as more ad networks with high quality demand support in-app bidding and enter the auction. 

In addition to revenue gains, adding more bidder networks and in turn removing all traditional instances associated with those networks, lowers latency within the monetization setup. Too many traditional waterfall instances, which only get called one by one, ends up being a burden on the technology, creating unnecessary noise and delays. 

Facebook Audience Network joins in closed beta

Now that Facebook Audience Network is available on ironSource in-app bidding, developers using ironSource’s mediation will be able to increase bid density and maximize their ad revenue. What’s more, because Facebook Audience Network represents advertisers from across the Facebook ecosystem, the massive access to demand further increases competition for developers. 

“App bidding creates a more fair, open and efficient ad ecosystem and we’re excited to partner with ironSource to make our demand available through bidding on ironSource,” said Amit Bhojwani, Head of Partnerships at Facebook Audience Network. “This is a big win for publishers on many levels. The increased competition for inventory allows publishers to receive better prices for every ad impression served, while the improved operational efficiency helps them drive more impact for their businesses.”

“It was exciting to see leading publishers already go live and scale with Facebook Audience Network and ironSource, and we’re looking forward to other publishers seeing the same results,” said Nimrod Zuta, VP Product at ironSource Developer Solutions.

“Facebook Audience Network has always been a significant ad source for our games - and with ironSource, we saw their performance increase even more."

- Erkay Uzun, co-founder at Unico Studio

“In terms of performance, adding Facebook Audience Network as a bidder in ironSource’s in-app bidding solution was key for us. Being a hyper-casual studio, Facebook Audience Network has always been a significant ad source for our games - and with ironSource in-app bidding, we saw their performance increase even more,” said Unico Studio co-founder Erkay Uzun. 

ironSource will continue to support additional networks once they’re ready with their bidding solution, to help game developers maximize competition, demand, and of course, revenue. 

To learn more about Facebook Audience Network for ironSource in-app bidding, reach out to your account manager. If you aren’t using ironSource mediation yet, sign up now.

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