A part of the ironSource network for many years, the ironSource in-app ad exchange has already generated significant revenue for publishers. 

One of the most mature in-app ad exchanges in the market, ironSource Exchange's unique combination of cutting-edge technology with a highly-skilled brand sales team has generated significant revenue for app developers and publishers as part of the ironSource network for the last 5 years. 

"Products like the ironSource Exchange that make it easier for advertisers to reach consumers in-app are a critical part of growing the App Economy"

- Omer Kaplan, CRO and co-founder of ironSource

“Building a successful in-app ad exchange is a process that requires significant time and investment, and the ironSource Exchange is one of the strongest and most mature marketplaces in the industry. Over the last few years, we’ve invested in building the necessary technology and relationships with the largest programmatic buyers to ensure that our publishers could leverage the power of brand advertiser demand to the maximum,” said Omer Kaplan, CRO and co-founder of ironSource. “By externalizing it and adding robust, real-time reporting tools, developers will now get critical transparency into revenue performance at a granular level.”

Real time reporting

The ironSource Exchange now comes with a dedicated reporting module - real time pivot reports -  giving publishers critical transparency into programmatic buyers, as well as core auction logic such as win rate and survival rate. These reports also give publishers maximum flexibility to “slice and dice” the data with ease, analyze revenue and performance data in real time, and easily compare it to historical performance. In addition, publishers will be able to deploy cross promotion campaigns as well as direct sold campaigns through private marketplace deals, tags or hosted creatives.

Adhering to brand safety requirements

As an early adopter of the IAB's Open Measurement SDK, all of ironSource Exchange supply supports app-ads.txt and seller.json, and is fully viewable and measurable by the leading third-party viewability and brand safety measurement organizations including Moat, DoubleVerify and IAS.

“Apps are increasingly where consumers are spending the bulk of their time, and products - like the ironSource Exchange - that make it easier for advertisers to reach those consumers in-app - are a critical part of growing the App Economy as a whole,” Kaplan continued. 

Publishers using LevelPlay don’t need to make any changes or SDK updates to utilize the ironSource Exchange and benefit from its premium demand. The Exchange supports all major ad units, including rewarded, interstitial, MREC, and banner ads, with support for native ads coming soon. 

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