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Your offerwall monetization strategy is only as strong as engagement with your offerwall - that’s why traffic drivers are key. So how exactly can you utilize these call-to-action buttons to set up your monetization strategy for success? It’s all about location and messaging. Let’s break it down. 

Focus on high-traffic locations

To maximize traffic driver engagement, start by putting your traffic drivers in high-traffic areas - specifically the home screen and store. 

Home screen

When it comes to boosting engagement, it’s critical to put offerwall placements as early in the game as possible. The home screen is the most visible location in your game, so placing a traffic driver here will help you maximize your exposure. 

In fact, we’ve seen that the home screen placement makes the biggest impact on engagement. According to our research, when offerwalls include placements on the home page, it boosts their overall open rate by 38%. 

home page

To boost engagement and your users’ experience, you can even get creative and put your placement in the specific home screen spot your users check the most (e.g. the stats bar). 

The home screen is also an ideal spot because users in the home screen are idle, and not in a hurry somewhere (e.g. to complete a level). As you expand your traffic drivers to new locations, try placing them in other screens where players spend idle time.


Another strategic and natural location to place your traffic drivers is in the store. Players who come to the store are high-intent to get extra currency, so they come to the store looking for it. Since players are more eager in the store than they are in any other part of the game, traffic drivers in the store tend to have very high conversion rates.

After all, timing is everything - players who come to the store are already looking for hard currency, so your offerwall traffic driver can give them the ideal opportunity to maximize their earnings.

the store

Not to mention, by promoting the offerwall in your game’s store, you’re offering players an opportunity to save their money and get hard currency for their time instead

Include clear and exciting messaging

Let’s say you decide to add an offerwall traffic driver to your home screen - now it’s time to make sure your placement converts. To optimize your placement strategy, your traffic driver messaging and design should be clear, straightforward, and exciting. The text should focus on the value proposition at hand: get hard currency for free with offerwall. 

In fact, according to our research, when developers emphasize in their pop-ups that the offer is free, they see a 33% boost in their overall open rate. 

clear messaging

Message to Earn

Messaging is also key for notifying users about time-limited opportunities, like special offerwall promotions, otherwise known as currency sales. These promotions take place on holidays throughout the year, and users can get up to 10x the standard offerwall rewards, without any extra effort required. 

To encourage extra user participation during special promotions, the unique value needs to be clear - that’s where messaging, or Message to Earn, is key. The messaging can and should also be topical for users, so if a special promotion is taking place during a certain holiday, the messaging should fit the theme. 

In fact, when comparing two special promotion weekends, one where a client didn’t use any messaging, and another where they used Message to Earn, Message to Earn led to a massive spike in offerwall impressions.

with and without messaging

Getting started

Setting up a placement strategy is a marathon, not a sprint, but all you need is the right foundation to get started. To optimize your engagement and revenue, we recommend starting with a home screen and store placement, then making small adjustments to your messaging and A/B testing to see what works. 

If you have any questions about getting started with an offerwall placement strategy, just reach out to one of our experts.

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