Startup Grind hosted ironSource co-founder and CEO Tomer Bar-Zeev this Monday at the Leumi Building in Tel Aviv. The discussion ranged from the CEO’s family life to the meteoric rise of his company.

Tomer lived 9 years in Peru as a child and another 2 years in Seattle as an adult. Now at the helm of an increasingly international company, he is passionate about keeping his family, and the company’s headquarters, firmly in Israel.

Tomer described ironSource’s ambition to create a large, sustainable technology company in Israel. This goal runs against the local trend of trying to be purchased by a bigger fish in a company’s early stages. He told the crowd that he aspires to make ironSource a “top ten internet company in the world,” and it appears they are well on their way.

“The success of Startup Nation comes from our willingness to give back to and engage with the community of entrepreneurs here in Israel,” said the ironSource co-founder. “At ironSource, we’re trying to build a truly global company that can be a leader in our space. I’m excited to be participating in an event where we can all share experiences and discuss strategies for turning every Israeli company into a global leader, and turn Startup Nation into ScaleUp Nation.”

How did ironSource get to where it is today? See this article for the ironSource story.

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