A company that plays together, stays together.

ironSource’s ironBand is already making waves. They had their first performance during the ironSource company trip to Crete and they are scheduled to play at more events in September. As the ironSource family grows, the company culture has evolved beyond the borders of the typical work/life separation. Office time takes on new significance when your food, friends, and dogs are all under the same roof. This is how ironBand was born.

Making the Band

ironBand was hatched up by ironSource Linux System Administrator Dan Maor. A skilled multi-instrumentalist in his own right, Dan saw the opportunity after ironSource hired an outside band to perform at the office for New Years. After discovering that many of his coworkers were also musicians, Dan petitioned for, and received fresh sound equipment and a gleaming drumset.

Since the first company-wide email announcing its inception, ironBand has grown to become a staple of company culture. The musical collective has grown to approximately 40 employees split into 6-9 bands. If you stay around the office after-hours, you’ll surely hear the ironBand sound rising from the basement staircase.

ironBand in Crete
Headlining in Crete

The moment ironBand walked on stage, employees transformed into rockstars. The members of the crowd began to jump and scream when they saw their friends and coworkers picking up their instruments.

500 ironSource employees danced and sang along to a slew of Israel and American pop-rock hits. The long hours in the ironSource basement paid off as the bands rattled off songs like “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk, “Basket Case” by Green Day and “One Day” by Matisyahu, with unbridled energy and deft artistry.

The three days in Crete hit a crescendo with ironBand’s rendition of “Paradise City” originally by Guns N’ Roses. ironSource co-founder Roi Milrad and Team Leader Eran Hurvits nailed the legendary guitar solos with impressive precision. VP of Marketing Ben Richter did his best howling Axl Rose impression. The crowd yelled and cheered from the first note to the last.

Going Backstage

We spoke to a few of the rockers to learn more about the ironBand experience:

Dan Maor - Linux System Administrator: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano
“The realisation that there were several good musicians within the company that never got the chance to play together inspired me to start a band that consists exclusively of ironSource employees. We play music of a genre that is quite contrary to our jobs. My job is square and straightforward, whereas my music is some what unorthodox. In order to attract more members I spammed the company’s mailing list and before long what we now know as ironBand formed. Since our large performance in Crete, we performed a show for Carmel Ventures at a gala event and we look forward to the future of ironBand and the potential it holds to grow.”

Ben Richter - VP Marketing: Vocals
“It was always my dream to sing ‘Paradise City’ in front of a live audience, so when I saw the email with the ironBand setlist, I thought I’d go for it. It was my first time performing with a band, so it took time to get used to singing in front of people.

The last rehearsal before the show in Crete was terrible. I couldn’t remember the lyrics. I was nervous. This was an hour before the show. I told my bandmates, ‘We’re a money-time band, when the money-time comes, we’ll deliver’. I almost threw up before I went on stage. But once you go on stage, people support you and love you. It was really great. So much fun. I got to meet great people, and sing with great players.”

Ben singing in Crete

Inbar Meiroviz - IT Project Manager, Bass
“I have been a musician for four months as a bass guitarist but have been playing musical instruments for 15 years. My first gig in front of an audience was during Crete. As soon as I joined the company I knew I wanted to join ironBand as I recognised its potential to bring people from all departments within the company together and the great networking opportunity it presented. Especially as a newcomer to the company ironBand really helped me settle in at my new job through a highly enjoyable non-work related activity.”

Yaniv Kessler - Code Ninja: Drums
“I decided to join ironBand as I believe that music is an excellent after work outlet for stress and such. I have been playing music for around 25 years, however 8 years back I was not a very active musician - ironBand was a great incentive to get back to being an active musician with the addition of fame and camaraderie of course!”

Shahar Kedem - Linux System Administrator: Guitar, Bass
“I’ve been a musician since ‘94 playing both electric and bass guitar and the drums. I joined ironBand as I believe it’s really fun to be in a band. I think we will start performing some original pieces and find songwriters to compose and make more original material to reflect how the company does in their business.”

Natanel Shadmi - Co-founder: Vocals
“When I first heard about the band forming I thought, wow, how cool is this.”

“On the night of the show we all had butterflies. We were excited. In the last two rehearsals, all we practiced was the switching of the bands on stage. You have a lot to coordinate, switching instruments. Each song had 6 different people. It was a logistical challenge; everyone has to plug in, tune...all in about 30 seconds.”

“The experience in Crete really brought everyone together. It created cross department connections that we didn’t have before. It was one of the things I enjoyed the most in the last few years in the company. Dan and Kessler really pulled it off.”

“I think the big test will be the next show, now people have expectations.”

ironBand at Carmel's Happy Hour

The Encore

We have not seen all that ironBand has to offer, with more employees joining the ranks and awareness spreading.

Want to be a part of the evolving ironBand? It’s not too late to join. Contact Dan, there’s a place for everyone.

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