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Hybrid-casual games

What are hybrid-casual games?

Hybrid-casual games include simple, marketable core gameplay with additional engagement layers designed to create a richer gaming experience. Unlike hyper-casual, these games aren’t solely designed for maximum fun and playtime. They have sophisticated meta, deeper game loops and a balanced economy that are built to engage players for 60-90 days.

By allowing for deeper engagement through strategy building and offering the ability to progress in the game, hybrid-casual games have higher retention and lifetime value (LTV) rates than hyper-casual games.

Monetizing your hybrid game

While marketability isn’t the highest priority, it’s still important during the early stages of testing. With a deeper product and balanced game economy, hybrid-casual games monetize mainly through In-app purchases (IAP) and Rewarded Video (RV). Hybrid-casual games also use interstitials, although it’s not the main monetization method. Interstitials are only used for specific groups of users or during certain stages in the game.

Hybrid-casual gaming vs. hyper-casual gaming

While both hybrid-casual and hyper-casual developers aim for high-scalability and low cost per install (CPI), the genres differ when it comes to design and monetization.

Game design and monetization

Hyper-casual game design prioritizes quick, entertaining gameplay loops and may lack deeper virtual economies or content often found in hybrid games. They monetize primarily through banner and interstitial ads. And because they are structured to provide maximum fun so users will keep playing, hyper-casual games show users the maximum number of interstitial and banner ads.

LTV for hyper-casual games is low because they are made with a lean product and monetization strategy in mind. That’s why marketability is a must. Hyper-casual games only take around 4-5 months to develop, compared to the 9-12 months it takes to develop a hybrid-casual game.

Going hybrid

In response to market changes, many hyper-casual publishers are exploring hybrid gaming opportunities. The best part - you don’t have to start from scratch. Hyper-casual games that show signs of good engagement (D7 retention between 5-10%), can be converted into hybrid-casual games. Learn more here.

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