Case Study

As one of the leading app publishers in the Asia-Pacific region, China-based studio Special Gamez is no stranger to mobile success. Its flagship title, Battle Warship, launched in 2017 and has gained over 20 million registered users worldwide.

In 2020, Special Gamez released Kitten Match, an adorable match-3 puzzle game that’s already racked up over 10 million users. Hoping to boost ad revenue for its new hit, Special Gamez began working with Tapjoy to reexamine its ad strategy.


Before teaming up with Tapjoy, Special Gamez utilized a traditional waterfall bidding model, which proved to be time-consuming and didn’t always yield the desired results. To achieve its revenue goals, Special Gamez added Tapjoy as a demand source to take advantage of its optimized bidding model.

By monitoring the bidding performance and A/B testing along the way, Special Gamez found that Tapjoy’s bidding solution far outperformed the waterfall model. After the testing and monitoring stage, the studio fully adapted the video bidding model and expanded to all the video placement.


After switching to Tapjoy bidding, Special Gamez saw an increase in eCPM, while optimization efficiency improved significantly. Since then, Kitten Match’s ARPDAU has increased by 33%. With no need to constantly adjust the waterfall, Special Gamez was able to reduce its workload and focus on supporting its apps.

  • Increased ARPDAU
  • Increase eCPM
  • Improved workflow efficiency

“We are very satisfied with the Tapjoy bidding performance, especially the eCPM performance in our main regions like the United States and Japan. Moreover, Tapjoy bidding saves us a lot of time and effort compared to the traditional waterfall.”

- Hua Mei, Head of Monetization, Game Division – Overseas Publishing Department, Special Gamez

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