Case Study

Pocket Worlds is a game developer based in the United States that specializes in immersive, avatar-based metaverse apps. The UA team at Pocket Worlds shares how using Luna’s Optimization Center for their hit game, Highrise, saved them 60 hours monthly.

The need to save time and streamline resources  

Our UA team is always looking for new ways to optimize our Apple Search Ads campaigns and drive incremental results, and we decided to try and drive efficiency by reducing the amount of time we spend on manually selecting keywords and choosing bids. A key criteria was ensuring that we improve the selection process while maintaining the quality of our campaigns. 

We’d already established a strong relationship with the Luna team using their platform and keyword intelligence tools, and appreciated how proactive and helpful the team was – always sharing product updates in our Slack group and jumping on short calls when needed. So when they recommended we try their Optimization Center, an automated tool that finds the optimal bid for each keyword, we decided to give it a go.  

Automating keywords with Luna’s Optimization Center  

To ensure adoption of the tool was seamless, the Luna team walked us through creating and activating our first few optimization campaigns. The Optimization Center dashboard was intuitive from the get-go – all we had to do was input our campaign goals and KPIs, desired optimization frequency, and bid change limitations. The Optimization Center took care of the rest, analyzing and adjusting spend on thousands of keywords each week.  

Saving 60 hours in a month

In the last 30 days, the Optimization Center performed 2,408 optimizations across nearly 20 campaigns. This saved us 60 hours monthly – a major game changer for our team. With the extra time, we’ve been able to focus on fine-tuning our UA strategy, day-to-day operations, and optimizing discovery campaigns.

We loved working with the Luna team and are excited to continue exploring app marketing with them in the future. 

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