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Ozon is a leading e-commerce platform and one of the most valuable Russian internet companies, according to Forbes. With over 27,000,000 SKUs across 20 product categories, Ozon offers the widest selection of goods and door delivery across Russia's 11 time zones.

Read on to learn how Ozon drove over 900K installs and exceeded both CAC and CRR goals in just a few months, while reaching a new, broad audience with ironSource Aura. 

Finding a new channel to reach quality users

While app promotion was going well for Ozon, the e-commerce giant was looking for a new strategy to help them scale past what traditional channels could offer. Considering one of their main goals is to grow rapidly without sacrificing on the quality of their users, they needed a new way to reach engaged audiences. 

They started working with OEMs directly and realized that these channels brought a lot of value to their marketplace, which is why OEM advertising became one of their main go-to strategies in 2021. Eventually, they started working with Aura in Russia - Seeing that Aura is an official partner of Samsung in Russia, and Samsung holds much of the market share for smartphone sales in Russia and CIS, Ozon was quick to startrunning on Samsung devices. They later expanded their collaboration into other strategic CIS countries, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Running with Aura to reach users throughout their device journey

Collaboration between the Aura and Ozon teams during setup was seamless, enabling Ozon to launch and manage campaigns quickly and efficiently. 

Ozon started out by running with Aura’s setup manager, which allowed their app to be the first users see on their device journey. They also used the discovery manager to reach users at various touch points throughout their journey, such as operating system updates. This allowed them to get in front of more users more frequently, boosting scale. 

Driving over 900K installs and beating KPI goals with Aura

In just a few months, Ozon drove over 900K installs working with Aura. While generating significant volume for their app, Aura managed to lower the CAC (customer acquisition cost) by 40% and beat their CRR (cost revenue ratio) KPI goal by 50%. 

Ozon enjoyed working with the team at Aura and they were happy with the results. They look forward to continuing the partnership.

"Thanks to the hands-on approach from the team at Aura, we've been able to reach our goals without extra effort from our side. This is a great benefit for us considering the high number of UA channels we're working with."

- Maxim Pogrebnyak, Head of Mobile at Ozon



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