Case Study

OTTO is one of the leading German online shopping platforms. Whether you’re looking for clothing and fashion, shoes, bags, hardware, living ideas, lifestyle products, or multimedia and electronics, OTTOs app offers the latest trends in shopping. 

Read on to find out how Marian Bucher, Senior App Growth Manager at OTTO, and the team switched to ironSource Aura and increased their downloads and ROI over the long term. 


Looking to widen our reach 

While our team at OTTO were fairly experienced with on-device campaigns before working with Aura, we still wanted to increase our volume. Which is why we were looking for new ways to grow our customer base and widen our reach in Germany. We were also hoping to tap into a higher spending and higher quality audience for our app.

We began working with Aura in March 2021 after learning about the products evolution in terms of volume and quality of their device partners since its initial launch a few years ago. Onboarding and set-up with Aura were very easy and we were excited to start reaching a new set of users.

Using Aura’s setup manager and full screen offer

OTTO is currently running on Aura’s setup manager, which presents our app in front of millions of users the first time they unlock their new devices. As the quality of the user highly depends on the device type and model, we pursued direct access to high-end Samsung models, and devices run by Vodafone in Germany. We also advertised on different lower cost devices to reach a different segment of users that may be interested in our app.

To provide users with a tailored marketing message, we also started running with Aura’s full screen offer placement recently. Which also allows us to maximize the potential for user engagement.We used Aura’s high penetration on devices across Germany to reach hundreds of thousands users directly on their newly purchased phones. Since Aura presents the OTTO shopping app at the very beginning of a user’s device journey, we’re able to position OTTO as top of mind and the first choice for online shopping in Germany while offering a frictionless onboarding experience to the user.

Growing our app user base while simultaneously controlling for a strict target ROAS are our main goals. Aura is a great platform to make this happen, from the product to the team itself. The team is easy to work with and is always prepared to offer insights and expertise.

App downloads

Seeing high penetration with Aura 

Aura enabled us to reach a large, high quality audience that we wouldn't have had access to otherwise. It also gave us the opportunity to place our app directly on a device - when a user wants to shop from their phone, Otto will already be there to fill that need. 

Due to this high scale, we have seen an over 100% MoM growth in downloads for Aura’s volume and increased ROI significantly.


We are excited about our performance with Aura and the potential for more optimization and growth in the future. 

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