Case Study

Kongregate is a mobile game publisher with hit titles like Adventure Capitalist, Bullet Boy, and Battlehand.

Chinzilla is an indie mobile game studio that builds both competitive and casual games. Their winning titles include Little Alchemist and Animation Throwdown.

The challenge

Chinzilla and their publisher Kongregate were seeking a monetization solution that would boost their app revenue and enhance the user experience.


  • Gain a revenue source by providing a monetization solution, engaging users with a rewarding, user-initiated ad unit
  • Provide an alternative payment method for paying users
  • Obtain incremental revenue from non-paying users

“The ironSource offerwall has proven its value in Little Alchemist and a number of other Kongregate games. Offerwalls are becoming a standard component of Kongregate titles that have the economies to support them. ”

- Jeff Gurian, Sr. Marketing Director at Kongregate

The solution

Little Alchemist integrated the ironSource’s offerwall and placed it prominently in their game’s store. The offerwall provided users with a fully opt-in ad experience, presenting them with engaging offers in exchange for free virtual currency.

The results

The ironSource offerwall drove incremental revenue to the game from both non-paying and paying users.

In-app purchases from paying users following offerwall engagement

Non-paying users were 4.5x more likely to convert to paying users than non-payers who didn’t engage with the ad unit.

Paying players rewarded with gems through the offerwall had a 26% higher ARPU and made 19% more purchases in comparison to paying players who didn’t engage with the ad unit.


IAPs from non-paying users


IAPs from paying users




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