Case Study

Gigantic is an Israeli-based game developer that brings arcade games to life on mobile apps. Rola Nubani, Senior UA Manager at Gigantic, shares how using Luna’s solution helped them manage and scale their Apple Search Ads search results campaigns for their hit game Clawee, leading to an increase in D1 ROAS by 24%. 

The need to boost performance

We were already running Apple Search Ads search results campaigns, but wanted to find new ways to boost performance. We were looking to increase D1 ROAS, but to reach our target we needed to restructure our campaigns. On top of that, we were spending a lot of time monitoring and adjusting bids, so we knew we needed to find a solution that would automate manual work and still boost performance. We’ve been working with the Unity team for years now, and they suggested the Luna from Unity solution for Apple Search Ads, which could help address our challenges and enable us to meet our ROAS goals.    

Leveraging keyword discovery 

From the get-go, the Luna team showed us the best ways to get the most out of their Apple Search Ads solution and hit our performance goals. With Luna’s keyword discovery tool, we saw what keywords our competitors were bidding on, which provided us insight on new keywords that we could add straight to our campaigns. Now, we had access to hundreds of high-potential keywords - this quickly helped us achieve greater scale.

Finding the optimal bids

With more keywords to manage, we decided to use Luna’s Optimization Center - an automated tool that’s specifically designed to find the optimal bid for each keyword. The Optimization Center monitored and adjusted our bids daily, which let us spend more time on improving our overall UA strategy. 

Increasing D1 ROAS by 24%

With Luna’s Optimization Center, we increased D1 ROAS by 24%. We appreciate the support the Luna team gave every step of the way - providing us with insights on up-to-date industry trends and informing us about new and relevant features. We’re excited to continue scaling on Apple Search Ads with Luna as our partner. 


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