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Over the last couple of decades, Korean pop — better known as K-pop — has steadily grown in popularity worldwide. Once considered a part of Korean subculture, K-pop recently broke into new markets. The genre gained legions of fans when bands like BTS and Blackpink hit the scene.

But how can K-pop fans let the world know which idols are their favorites? With FanPlus, a fandom app from publisher Fanmaum, fans can join in monthly voting events. The app lets winners promote their favorite group’s new album or birthday, with the publisher supporting these promotions. In February 2019, Fanmaum implemented the Tapjoy Offerwall into the FanPlus app, allowing users to earn extra votes by interacting with the offers.


Before partnering with Tapjoy, Fanmaum had only worked with local offerwall providers. The quality of these offerwalls left a lot to be desired — all suffered from duplicate offers, low-quality ads, and poor eCPMs. However, Fanmaum remained committed to rewarded monetization, believing that in-app purchases would damage community perception. The publisher needed a partner that could deliver a positive and profitable user experience.

Once Fanmaum implemented Tapjoy Offerwall, the option soon rose to the top of the ranks. The publisher capitalized on this early traction by participating in Currency Sales — promotions in which offer rewards are temporarily multiplied — and promoting the offerwall per the app’s voting schedule.


Since integrating with Tapjoy, Fanmaum has increased offerwall revenue by 50%. Today, Tapjoy is consistently its top offerwall partner: The ad unit delivers an average eCPM of $342 on Android and surpasses the others in user engagement. Tapjoy’s multi-reward CPE offers proved to be immensely popular: The format allows users to earn even more votes through sequential engagements. Meanwhile, Tapjoy’s Customer Support Team keeps the fanbase happy by fielding any requests that arise.

Currency Sale promotions also had a dramatic effect on monetization revenue. Fanmaum saw a whopping 179% increase in revenue during currency sales.


Offerwall revenue increase


Average ECPM on android


Boost during currency sales

“The Tapjoy Offerwall was a game-changing addition to our monetization stack. Users love it, and our eCPMs are higher than ever. The Currency Sales proved particularly effective, as the 179% revenue increase shows.”

- Kihyeon Lee, VP, Fanmaum

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