Case Study

Earn to Die 2 is a casual game developed by Not Doppler.

Not Doppler is a Sydney-based game publisher and developer, originally founded as a web game developer in 2005 before moving to mobile in 2012. 

The challenge

Not Doppler was looking to implement rewarded video mediation for Earn to Die to drive revenue and maximum eCPMs.


  • Smooth integration of rewarded video that matches their unique game currency – i.e. when prices for upgrades increased exponentially
  • Higher ongoing engagement with rewarded video ads
  • Partner with a smart ad mediation platform to maximize revenue and eCPM at all times

“We always knew rewarded video mediation would be a smart way to approach monetization. We had to offer a variable reward that increased depending on the strength of the vehicle in the game, otherwise watching the video wouldn’t be worth our users’ time.”

- Jason Daskalopoulos, Senior Business & Marketing Manager at Not Doppler

The solution

Not Doppler implemented a unique rewarded video system that adapts to the player’s in-game progress, offering intermittent ‘double rewards’ to encourage engagement with rewarded video ads.

The results

Earn to Die 2’s engagement rate soared above market benchmarks, 25%-38% more to be exact, all without implementing user segmentation or video capping.

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