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Since its founding in 2013, Dalia Research has developed a number of solutions to facilitate market and opinion research. Headquartered in Berlin, Dalia reaches a global audience of over 100 countries, harnessing the app economy and advanced data science to distribute millions of micro-surveys to mobile consumers every day.

Dalia Research’s consumer-facing brand, Yuno Surveys, is a key part of this process. Through mobile advertisements, Yuno asks consumers questions to understand their persona, then matches each individual user to an appropriate survey. Consumers are then rewarded for completing those surveys.

Five years ago, Dalia teamed up with Tapjoy, which has been pioneering the rewarded advertising format since its inception. Since then, Dalia Research and the Yuno Surveys brand have grown every year, reaching far more consumers thanks to Tapjoy’s global network.


With tens of thousands of surveys readily available and primed for deployment, Dalia Research had a simple goal: reach more high-quality mobile consumers to gather valuable information. With more than 45 million monthly active users, Tapjoy’s built-in reach — and the highly successful Tapjoy offerwall — made this mission achievable.

The initial integration between Dalia Research and Tapjoy used a static survey router link with a flat pricing model. But upon testing, they found this historical market research delivery method was not speaking to the modern mobile rewarded user. With help from Tapjoy’s team, Dalia rolled out a dynamic pricing model that concentrated on increasing reward flexibility and user experience. By rewarding users micro-rewards, motivation to engage in Dalia’s broader demand increased while also improving EPC.


Given the huge variety in apps utilizing the Tapjoy Offerwall, Dalia Research was able to reach consumers from a plethora of age groups, educational and professional backgrounds, and geographical locations. In 2019 alone, over a million consumers from 98 countries responded to Yuno Surveys’ offers, giving Dalia a wealth of information to work with.


Survey responses in 2019


Countries and diverse demographic profiles

“We find Offerwall users to be higher quality than users sourced from typical reward websites or panels. We’ve found that being rewarded with in-app rewards rather than cash or gift cards makes the offers less tempting to fraudulent users. We find that we have better engaged users and fewer bots with Tapjoy’s users.”

- Leah Griswold, Commercial Director, Programmatic Sampling, Dalia Research

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