Case Study

CallApp, is a caller ID, blocking, and recording app based out of Tel Aviv. With over 200M users, CallApp is a global market leader in caller ID apps. 

Read on to learn how Jonathan Farber, Head of User Acquisition at CallApp, and his team partnered with Aura to achieve huge scale, increasing installs 45x and decreasing their CPI by 56%.  




New markets


Decrease in CPI globally

Moving to Aura after testing other on-device solutions

“While CallApp was growing steadily, our team is always on the lookout for new ways to scale and acquire new users. We had partnered with on-device growth solutions before, but didn’t get the results or customer experience we were looking for. So, in 2021, we began working with Aura from Unity to see if we could finally crack the code with on-device advertising.

Running on Aura’s placements

We started running with Aura’s App Discovery Unboxing and App Discovery In-life placements in August 2019. The unboxing experience allowed us to reach users from the moment they turned on their device for the first time, while the contextual triggers of the In-Life placements meant we could reach users at the most likely moments they’ll engage throughout the device lifecycle. In other words, enabling us to get in front of users when it matters most. 

At this point, we were managing our own campaign strategy - deciding where to run our campaigns, among other things. 

As our relationship grew, so did our trust in the team at Aura. Time and again, their team demonstrated their expertise and customer service, ensuring we received the care and expert attention we needed, all while providing unparalleled scale. 

Giving Aura control and the impressive results

Eventually, we gave the team at Aura full control over our campaign strategy and we started to see massive growth, particularly in the US - our primary market. 

"Whether we were looking to expand in new markets or grow in established ones, Aura has offered us both expertise and scale"

With our trust in Aura established, we started to run campaigns in new and competitive regions we hadn’t broken into yet, as we leveraged more of the solution’s potential - getting to the right users at the right time with Aura’s powerful machine learning capabilities. Then, with the Aura team’s extensive knowledge of global markets, they adjusted our campaigns by region and audience to ensure we were able to scale while maintaining our CPI goal. 

Aura’s scale optimizer was especially helpful here, allowing us to quickly scale cost-effectively with the right users. While scaling in these new competitive markets, the optimizer allowed us to meet and exceed our target ROAS KPIs. 

Since partnering with Aura in 2019, we’ve increased installs 45x, transforming the size of our business, particularly in key markets, while also decreasing CPI by 56%.

A bright future with a trusted partner

When working with a solution with the scale of Aura, we knew we would get a boost in performance, but we couldn’t have predicted the customer experience they provided. What we got in Aura was an expert partner we could depend on. 

For over 3 years, whether we were looking to expand in new markets or grow in established ones, Aura has offered us both expertise and scale. We look forward to our continued success with a trusted partner.”

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