Case Study

BoomBit is a game developer based out of Gdańsk, Poland. They create games from all major mobile genres, including Ramp Car Jumping, Hunt Royale, and more. Their user acquisition team was looking to optimize creative performance for their game Dog Life Simulator and started using the ironSource Luna platform to do just that.

Gonçalo Martins, Head of Marketing at BoomBit, details how his team used Luna to track in-ad data to better understand and optimize their creative metrics - and increased IPM by over 20% as a result. 

Understanding player behavior 

When BoomBit first launched Dog Life Simulator, they noticed that the IPM for their playables wasn’t as high as they expected. But they weren’t sure why or how to improve it. First they needed to better understand how users were engaging and interacting with their playables. 

To do that, Luna recommended they track in-ad data by leveraging custom events, an API uniquely providing insights in user flow and drop off points within an ad creative. Together, they decided to focus on two specific events - engagement rate, ad completion rate, and drop off rate. 

Implementation was simple - just by adding a few extra lines of code into their playables, BoomBit could view and analyze all of their in-ad data on the Luna platform. BoomBit quickly discovered that their playable was too long, and users experienced too much idle time. In fact, many users were already dropping off after the first part of the interactive ad without even reaching the end card. Because of this, the Luna team encouraged them to use this insight to their advantage, and they collaborated on creating a new version of their ad. 

“Implementation was simple - just by adding a few extra lines of code into our playables, we could view and analyze all of our in-ad data on the Luna platform"

- Gonçalo Martins, Head of Marketing at BoomBit

Applying the new insights

BoomBit decided to shorten their playable and also added a floating hand gesture - they wanted to clarify that users should tap on their screen to engage with the playable. Once they launched this new version in their campaigns, they saw the engagement rate improved, but the in-ad data showed them that they still had users dropping off after the first part of the playable. 

Using these insights, BoomBit acted accordingly and cut out the beginning of the playable. This way, the playable would start with the screen tapping activity, engaging players from the get go. This change made a monumental difference - not only did they retain a high engagement rate, but Dog Life Simulator’s IPM boosted by over 20%. In fact, even though they’ve added other playables to their campaigns, this specific version is still the best performing playable they’ve ever had. 

Keeping up the performance

It didn’t take long for BoomBit to recognize the benefits of using in-ad data and custom events - in fact, they started implementing it in all of their playables and incorporating it into their overall marketing strategy. 

“The Luna team’s continued support has been great - we started implementing Custom Events in several of our playables and incorporating it into our overall marketing strategy”

- Gonçalo Martins, Head of Marketing at BoomBit

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