Case Study

Since 2009, Korean mobile game publisher Loadcomplete has produced 15 successful titles for mobile gamers to enjoy globally. Their latest game, Legend of Slime, is a Korean-style idle RPG. Loadcomplete looked to take this popular local genre into the global market. To do so, they understood that their creatives would be the key to spreading awareness and bringing global users to this niche genre. 

Hear from Soon Ho, UA manager at Loadcomplete, on how Luna from Unity gave them the tools they needed to get all their creative analysis from multiple channels at a glance, better analyze their creatives efficiently, and ultimately raise their revenue and retention.

The challenge of taking a niche genre global

“Loadcomplete has never stuck to one genre, we’ve always put creating solid gameplay over sticking to a niche. Our latest title, Legend of Slime, is a Korean-style idle RPG - a genre loved in Korea but relatively unknown in other markets. To scale meant looking globally, which in turn meant relying on our creatives to bring new audiences to the genre - but reviewing creative data for that many markets and ad networks was straining our resources and time. 

That’s when we approached Luna looking for a solution. Luna helped us centralize all our creative data, integrating multiple channels’ data into one dashboard, while their experts trained us to get the most out of their solution.” 

The impact of Luna’s one-stop-shop creative solution

“Turning our creative analysis into a one-stop shop was more impactful than just allowing us to act more efficiently - it enabled us to easily identify the channels worth scaling up on and align our data from across these channels. We could now organize and visualize our cross-channel creative data by geo, distribution, channel, and over time. Using D7 revenue as the decision-making metric, we could now efficiently identify which creatives were working and which were not. 

In just four months of using Luna’s solution, we saw our D1 revenue increase 25% and our D7 revenue jump 30%.

On top of that boost, we also saw a big impact on our retention. After partnering with Luna, our D7, D10, and D14 retention rates increased 150%, a significant rise in the title’s LTV.

Continuous growth and a continuing partnership with Luna

“Since using Luna for our creative strategy we’ve seen continuous growth for Legend of Slime, from retention to revenue and downloads. Luna has been the secret to this success and enabled us to significantly scale up our media spend by 114%. So far we’ve seen the game achieve 10 million downloads and, as we plan to ramp up its growth further, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Luna.”

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