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Anylight is a photo editing app that allows you to perfect your pictures with unique tools. You can remove objects, change the background, or retouch your face, among other rich features. Anylight is installed on more than 600,000 devices worldwide.

Tamer Şengöz, CEO/founder at FitBest, explains his experience working with the creative management solution and the team at ironSource, and how they helped his app, Anylight, increase IPM by 160% and decrease CPI by 43%.

Growing our app with ironSource

Before working with ironSource, our UA strategy at Anylight was limited to buying users on Google and TikTok. While we were successful at developing a winning photo editing app, we lacked the resources and expertise to grow and market our app business. 

Knowing that we would need to build a strong UA partnership to get our growth strategy off the ground, we started working with ironSource’s creative management solution in March 2021. 

Designing the best performing creatives 

ironSource worked diligently to find high performing creatives that would give us a significant performance boost and have the most impact. They created new videos on a weekly basis, testing many different concepts based on features in our app (face editing, makeup, object removal, multiple features, etc) and then analyzing in-ad metrics such as video view length, CTR, and CVR, and direct feedback from users. From there, the team at ironSource made small iterations on the best performing creatives, allowing us to scale further. 

We were amazed by the creativity of the team at ironSource, and it was hard to comprehend how they came up with so many interesting videos one after another. For example, they found that focusing on one specific app feature performed better than showing all of our features at once.

From there, to find the app feature that most resonated with our users, ironSource created a playable ad that allowed users to experiment with all of them. Through testing, we found that the app feature that lets users delete objects had the highest value proposition. 

Even though photo editing apps don’t generally advertise with playable ads, ironSource decided to create and test it for our app, and we saw a 160% increase in IPM and 43% decrease in CPI giving us a unique leg up over our competitors. 

Aside from the app features we show in our ads, ironSource also helped us to identify a new approach to creating ads. We tested multiple influencer style videos, utilizing real people in our creatives. We found that users prefer this style of videos on platforms such as TikTok, which has  a large influencer following.

I feel lucky to be working with the ironSource team. Without their insights and expertise, we wouldn’t be able to optimize our creatives with the best performing elements and our UA strategy wouldn’t be where it is today. 

Seeing a 160% increase in IPM and 43% decrease in CPI

Working with ironSource’s creative management solution allowed us to market and grow our app business significantly, something we couldn’t have done on our own. Through strong testing and analysis, ironSource was able to find the app features that users responded to the best, increasing IPM by 160% and decreasing CPI by 43%. 

Overall, working with ironSource has helped us to stand out in the photo editing app space and we appreciate the team’s extensive knowledge and work ethic. 

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