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Mobile App Retention

Mobile app retention

Mobile app retention refers to an app’s ability to keep users coming back, and is important because it shows app developers exactly what day in the app lifecycle users begin dropping off and offers insight as to why some don’t return.

Understanding the different mobile app retention metrics

The obvious metric to measure mobile app retention is the app retention rate, or the percentage of users who continue engaging with an app over time.

The churn rate is the opposite of the retention rate and references how many users have uninstalled your app.

Metrics based on revenue are also important for mobile app retention. For example, lifetime value (LTV) estimates the revenue a single user generates throughout their entire lifetime within an app.

Looking at mobile app retention statistics in 2020

The benchmark retention rate for mobile apps is 30-35% at the three month mark. On average, only just over a quarter of users return to an app over 10 times. On the gaming side, the average retention rate is 27% after 30 days and 10% after 90 days. It’s best to aim for a 25% or higher retention rate after 90 days.

Mobile app retention strategies to increase your average app user growth rate

  • Optimize the Onboarding Process: Try removing unnecessary obstacles and presenting users with clear indications of progress to optimize the onboarding process within an app.
  • Acquire the right, relevant users: Aura uses an AI algorithm or machine learning capabilities to place your app in front of relevant users who will love your app.
  • Gamification: Place game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts to encourage engagement.
  • Push Notifications: Send users push notifications to get them back in the app. Aura also sends customized notifications to relevant users when they are most likely to engage.
  • In-App Messaging: Deliver messages to your users while they are active in your app to encourage continued use.
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