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App Active Users

App active users

What is an active users?

An active user accesses an app within a given period of time, whether it be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. During that period, each user is counted to determine how many individuals use the app. Measuring active users helps app developers understand their app’s popularity.

What Is An Active User

How do I find active users of an app?

MAU (monthly active users) and DAU (daily active users) are app usage metrics that measure the total number of users who visit an app. ironSource’s Aura allows you to track these metrics by syncing your mobile measurement platform with Aura’s dashboard.

How do I grow active users?

  • Understand your users: Learn how users behave inside your app by using an analytics tool to track sessions, session length, buttons clicked, etc.
  • Optimize onboarding: Reduce friction to download by removing unnecessary obstacles and presenting users with clear indications of progress.
  • Send push notifications: Encourage existing users to return by sending push notifications throughout the app lifecycle, such as with ironSource’s Aura. You can also try offering special promotions.
  • Run retargeting campaigns: Find relevant users for your app by using AI and machine learning to gather data on users. You can run new campaigns with Aura based on this data to reach users who are likely to engage.
  • Use in-app messaging: Reaching users while they are active in the app is a useful re-engagement tool and encourages continued use.
  • Do email marketing: When sending emails, think about what your target audience will find useful and interesting to provide value.
  • Run CPE campaigns: This is a great way to get high-quality users cost-effectively because you will only pay for users who engage in a defined event.
  • Partner with Aura: Aura reaches users at moments when they are actively looking for new apps. Apps downloaded with Aura generally have high LTVs and retention, as data shows that being the one of the first device installs lowers the chance of churn.
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