Case Study

Founded in 2018, WebComics app is a leading distributor of digital comics. WebComics has garnered over 25 million users globally in just three years, gaining particular popularity with younger demographics. Over 80% of the app’s users fall into the Generation Z age group consisting of those born in 1996 and later.

After a period of such rapid growth, WebComics was ready to take its monetization strategy to the next level and increase ad revenue. With a focus on the overall user experience, WebComics wanted to diversify its ad offering and provide users with multiple ways to obtain in-app currency. To achieve its growth and monetization goals, WebComics partnered with Tapjoy.


WebComics’ first step was to integrate the easy-to-install Tapjoy SDK and implement the Tapjoy offerwall. With Tapjoy’s selection of proprietary rewarded ad formats, WebComics app users could complete offers in exchange for virtual currency, resulting in a positive user experience that benefits all parties.

From there, the team could dynamically adjust the exchange ratio of virtual currencies to serve each of the app’s global audience segments. Using Tapjoy's country multipliers feature, WebComics was able to provide users in different countries with customized currency exchange rates. This strategic approach helped WebComics maximize ad revenue and meet its monetization goals.


After working with Tapjoy’s mobile strategists and implementing the Tapjoy Offerwall, WebComics saw a 20% increase in overall ad revenue. The digital comics app also reported an improved user experience, as readers were pleased to have new ways to earn in-app currency. Meanwhile, retention and in-app purchases have also seen a visible increase.


Ad revenue increase

“For a global app like WebComics that earns revenue through in-app purchases and advertising, Tapjoy’s Offerwall was the ideal solution. Transparent eCPM pricing that can be dynamically adjusted by country gave users a new way to earn in-app currency, and this model has been a major revenue driver for us.”

- Lim, CEO, WebComics

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