Case Study

Kwalee is a successful hyper-casual games publisher based in the UK.

Kwalee's portfolio includes the hit games PLANK!, Go Fish, Looper, and TENS!

The challenge

Kwalee was planning the global launch of their new game, PLANK! They were looking for a successful partner to make sure the launch ran as smoothly as possible.


  • Launch PLANK! in markets worldwide
  • Reach cost-efficient scale quickly
The solution

ironSource suggested Kwalee run a soft launch first. ironSource ran multiple creatives simultaneously with a limited budget in Canada on iOS. ironSource then spent two weeks A/B testing and iterating the creatives. Eventually, one creative proved to perform the highest.

By the official global launch day, ironSource had the highest-performing creative already in place, localized to three languages.

The results

Thanks to the ironSource soft launch, PLANK! reached #2 on both the App Store and the Play Store in the US.

The worldwide campaign drove more than 200K quality installs per day, as creative optimization during the soft launch ensured Kwalee only deployed creatives which would convert well and bring high-quality users.

Additionally, Kwalee was able to avoid wasted ad spend by avoiding low-performing creatives that ultimately hemorrhage budgets during the worldwide launch. In fact, Kwalee dramatically increased cost efficiency, gaining more users for the same amount of money.


Increase in IPM vs. Kwalee's best-performing video ad


Decrease in eCPI

Top 2

Rank across App Store and Play Store charts - US


Daily installs

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