Case Study

Milanuncios, part of the Adevinta Group, is the most popular classifieds mobile app and website in Spain.

Hear from Alex Piriz, Paid Media Specialist at Milanuncios, on how Aura and Milanucios worked together to scale installs over the course of a three-year-long relationship, reduce our cost per lead by 47%, and collaborate on a heartfelt COVID-19 campaign.

Testing new placements with Aura

We’re a long-time partner of Aura and have been running UA campaigns with them for more than three years - even meeting in our offices in Barcelona to discuss campaign performance and new opportunities for growth. 

The primary goal of our UA team is to balance volume and quality traffic, all within our local market of Spain. That’s why we’re very open to testing Aura’s new placements - we’re always looking for ways to expand our reach and acquire high LTV users who go on to engage with our app. 

For example, we’ve run campaigns on Aura’s device onboarding setup, which recommends our app to relevant new device owners as they’re setting up their phones for the first time. This way, we’re the first classified app on the device. We’ve also run with Aura’s launch notifications - which nudge users who’ve installed to open the app for the first time. 

The early touchpoint placements like the device onboarding setup work best for us, since we’re a well-known brand in Spain and most people want to download our app right away. By getting to them so early in the device cycle, we’re really able to take advantage of our brand name and encourage users to download.  

Optimizing campaigns 

Aura works with us to optimize the campaigns toward our main KPI, cost per lead. In addition to A/B testing banners for the launch notifications, the Aura team also tests the targeting, using parameters like age and gender which users opt-into providing, as well as device model, and similar apps, so we can make sure we’re getting in front of the most engaged users in our market. For second-tier devices, for example, we’d make sure to promote classified ads that were within their price range. 

Overall, the placements, creative testing, and targeting optimizations all resulted in a massive influx of installs, as well as a 47% decrease in our CPL (cost per lead). The success of our campaigns encouraged us to increase spend every month. 

Teamwork through the pandemic

Earlier this year, when the global pandemic hit, we paused most of our UA campaigns - like many advertisers around the world. However, Aura offered to run a complimentary campaign for our app with branded banners that thanked the medical staff on the front lines of COVID-19. Aura sent push notifications to users in Spain each evening, when people in Spain got on their balconies to applaud the medical teams. The Aura team is always coming up with unique strategies to keep our app at top of mind. 

Looking forward

In August, we restarted our regular UA campaigns with Aura, this time running them alongside our TV ads. Our goal was to add Aura as an additional layer of distribution on top of our traditional channels, in order to increase our app’s brand awareness and recognition. This way, potential new users would see the Milanuncios brand on multiple platforms, and finally install once they’d come across the app through our Aura placements. 

We’re excited to continue scaling our UA with Aura’s new regional OEM and carrier partners, Vodafone and Samsung, as well as test Aura’s new placements and targeting parameters. 

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