Case Study

Hong Kong-based mobile publisher Lexiang Co., Limited is best known for its life simulation games. As a company with its own independent research and development team, Lexiang Co., Limited is dedicated to creating world-class mobile games. The studio’s biggest title, the strategy app West Game, has been downloaded over 11 million times since its April 2019 release and garnered tens of thousands of positive reviews. Lexiang Co., Limited, also known as Shenzhen Leyi Network Co., Ltd, originally partnered with Tapjoy over three years ago with the goal of acquiring high-quality new users and meeting ROAS milestones. In February 2020, the publisher began testing Multi-Reward CPE campaigns to drive more high-quality users to West Game.


Lexiang Co., Limited already saw a lot of success with their single event CPE offers in the Tapjoy offerwall. Due to this success, they were the perfect candidate to start testing Tapjoy's new multi-reward CPE offer which launched in West Game earlier this year. They decided to run it alongside the single-event CPE offer they already had running. Both offers have continued to deliver on ROAS goals, but Multi-Reward CPE is consistently the higher-performing strategy. The format is an ideal fit for the app’s genre: Strategy games require users to be invested, and incremental rewards encourage this by drawing them deeper into the action.


Not only has Lexiang Co., Limited exceeded its seven-day ROAS goal by 50% with Multi-Reward CPE campaigns, but the advertiser also reports that users acquired have deeper interactions with West Game, as well as being more likely to spend time and money in the app.

They also compared Multi-Reward CPE performance to that of rewarded video and the results were as follows:

  • 60% more user installs than rewarded video ads
  • 100% higher D2 retention than rewarded video ads

When comparing Tapjoy Multi-Reward CPE with other CPE products in market, Tapjoy came out on top:

  • 20% more user installs than other CPE products in market
  • 10% more earnings compared to other CPE products in market
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