Case Study

LBC Studios is an independent game studio located in Vancouver, Canada and the developers and publisher behind the mobile game Hempire. 

Ryan Lee is a Marketing Analyst at LBC Studios. Read on to hear how his team uses LevelPlay, ironSource’s in-app bidding solution, to boost revenue and save time manually operating the waterfall. 

Leveraging the latest in monetization technology

Our team at LBC Studios is relatively small - so automating as many manual processes as possible is key for staying ahead of the curve. Naturally, we were eager to adopt in-app bidding, both for its ability to reduce the time we’d usually spend manually managing the waterfall, and also for its potential to increase performance, namely eCPM and rewarded video ARPDAU

The main reason we turned to ironSource’s in-app bidding solution, LevelPlay, specifically, was because of our strong existing partnership with ironSource and their commitment to helping us get the most out of our ad monetization. 

Testing bidding and increasing ARPDAU 24%

The integration with LevelPlay on our game Hempire was quick and easy. A bit of back and forth and a few calls with the ironSource team was all it took to get started. ironSource even reached out to our partner network representatives to get us whitelisted and ensured we were ready to go. 

But before fully migrating Hempire’s entire inventory to LevelPlay, we wanted to ensure that LevelPlay was actually the best solution for our monetization strategy - so we used ironSource’s bidding test tool to compare its performance to our traditional waterfall model. The tool split our traffic in half, and within a few days we already saw rewarded video ARPDAU in the LevelPlay group jump by 24%. 

Going all in

The results of the test were conclusive enough for us to move our entire inventory over to LevelPlay. Not only did we see improvements in eCPM and rewarded video ARPDAU, but also in manual operations and time spent optimizing the waterfall. Reducing manual management cuts a chunk of time off our days - now we can spend more time optimizing other parts of the product and our monetization strategy.



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