Case Study

Kwalee is a successful hyper-casual games publisher based in the UK.

Kwalee's portfolio includes the hit games PLANK!, Go Fish, Looper, and TENS!

The challenge

Kwalee’s small 3-4 person user acquisition team was manually bidding for each campaign, so bid updates were infrequent and slow. With minimal access to ad revenue data and no ROAS data per source, Kwalee could only bid based on an average LTV, rather than per individual source.


  • Increase scale of bidding
  • Bid on real user quality
  • Boost ROAS
The solution

ironSource introduced Kwalee to our ROAS optimizer solution. With the full ROAS optimizer integrated, Kwalee could utilize both in-app purchase and impression level revenue data to optimize their campaigns according to specific ROAS goals.

Learn more about ironSource’s ROAS optimizer here.

“ironSource’s tool finally gave us ROAS data per source, meaning we could bid on actual user quality. Not only did the ROAS optimizer meet our changing targets rapidly, but it also helped us achieve similar CPIs with much better ROAS results – a UA manager’s dream. ”

- Ryan Davies, Digital Marketing Manager at Kwalee

The results

The ironSource ROAS optimizer helped Kwalee reach their defined ROAS objectives, maximizing scale and performance.

Granular bidding, accurate data prioritization, performance monitoring, and daily automatic bid adjustments resulted in Kwalee reducing their eCPI by 10% and raising ROAS by 30% on Android and 40% on iOS.

Not to mention, easing the level of manual work through automation.

Overall, Kwalee was able to drive traffic through higher quality sources, increasing scale where it counts.






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