Case Study

With headquarters in Kaliningrad and several other offices throughout Russia, HeroCraft has become one of the region’s leading game developers and publishers. HeroCraft’s games aren’t limited to Russia, though — with dozens of popular mobile titles spanning the simulation, puzzle, and strategy genres on the App Store and Google Play, the Russian mobile dev has a global reach.

HeroCraft first teamed up with Tapjoy several years ago for user acquisition campaigns and in 2020, switched to the Tapjoy Offerwall. The publisher implemented the offerwall in one of its biggest spaceship builder simulator games, Space Arena, with a straightforward goal in mind: increasing revenue.


After trying out another company’s offerwall, HeroCraft had a good idea of what didn’t work and used those benchmarks to determine success. The publisher wanted to implement the Tapjoy offerwall without negatively impacting the user experience, so HeroCraft used Tapjoy’s one-on-one assisted setup throughout the entire experience.

Thanks to the open communication between both partners, Tapjoy was able to create a custom design to make the experience feel more native to the app.


When comparing the results of the Tapjoy Offerwall to HeroCraft’s previous offerwall partner, the results were significant: a 30% increase in offerwall ARPDAU.

“Thanks to the switch to Tapjoy, our Offerwall ARPDAU increased by 30% globally. We were also happy with the visual design of the offerwall, which was stylized to match the design of Space Arena by the Tapjoy design team. At the moment everything is working smoothly and the users are really happy.”

- Sergey Nesesyan, Product Owner, Herocraft

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