Case Study

Citymobil is a taxi demand app owned by group, Russia’s leading internet company. Based out of Moscow, Citymobil began as an offline taxi demand service in 2007 offering simple, quick, and reasonably priced taxi rides to any destination in the city.

Hear from Anastasiya Abrosimova, Head of UA Partnerships at Group, who took on the initial collaboration with Aura, and helped drive it to success, on how Citymobil reached their UA KPIs in just a few weeks with Aura. 

The challenge of finding the right user 

Our app, Citymobil, was one of the first taxi apps operating in Russia - but as the industry and market has grown tremendously, app discovery has become a critical issue. For that reason, acquiring users based on geo has become highly important for us, as taxi app services are most commonly used in big cities.

The biggest priority for our team at Citymobil was being able to acquire users that would show high engagement and, ultimately, be around for a long time. 

Testing out Aura 

After recognizing that bid optimization was a necessity to drive and maintain user engagement, we launched our campaign with Aura in July 2020 across all their available traffic, setting a cost per first taxi ride (CPFT) KPI. 

We focused on Aura’s Out of the Box Experience placement (OOBE), which put our app in front of millions of new device owners the first time they opened their device. We appreciated how Aura gave us the ability to be first on the device and ahead of our competitors. During that first week of initial optimization, the Aura team was efficient, timely, and dedicated to gathering enough user engagement data to apply better optimization logic for Citymobil.

Optimizing campaigns

Aura used advanced calculations to measure the exact bids required per device model on a weekly basis in order to reach and maintain CPFT goals. Essentially, instead of bidding (or paying) the same price for all acquired users, we were bidding different amounts for different users. This made our spending more efficient and gave us more users for our dollar. 

Last, we excluded device models that showed low purchase rates. This allowed us to increase bids on the more relevant device segments, leading to more traffic where it counts.

Aura offered us optimization strategies that aren’t necessarily available on other traditional UA channels - it was exactly what we needed and they provided great support. 

Scaling installs and lowering CPFT results by 35%

Due to Aura’s immense optimization efforts and analytics, we reached our CPFT goal after only 2 weeks, while driving approximately 5K installs. Aura then managed to lower the CPFT by 35% from the original goal, driving an additional 47K installs within only two months. 

All in all, Aura gave us the insights and data to better acquire users who will likely engage with Citymobil. The account managers were always ready and available to help us out where we needed it, and the team at Aura in general was informed and passionate about their platform. Ultimately, Aura helped us to acquire relevant, high-quality users who will likely go on to be regulars of Citymobil. 


Installs in 2 months


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