Case Study

CashWalk, an app based out of Korea, lets you earn rewards for walking or running, which can be exchanged for gift cards from leading brands and products. Looking to increase revenue and engagement, the team turned to the experts to scale their business.

Learn how Jungsin Park, CEO of CashWalk, increased revenue by 225% and engagement rate by 5x for the app working with Unity LevelPlay and Unity’s app design consultancy.

Looking to drive more revenue and engagement from our ad monetization strategy

“Unity LevelPlay was the first mediation platform our team at CashWalk started working with. Before mediation, our main monetization strategy was banner ads, but we were looking to engage with new, diverse ad units through bidding networks. With LevelPlay reporting, our account management team looked at the size of our DAU and benchmarks and noticed an opportunity for us to grow. They suggested we work on optimizing our ad monetization strategy to drive more revenue. As a LevelPlay partner, we had access to many exclusive tools and features, such as working with their ad strategy consultancy, which provides in-depth analysis to help developers improve their ad implementation strategy.

Working with Unity’s ad strategy consultancy to improve our ad implementation strategy

The team at Unity first did an in-depth analysis of our placement strategy and how our KPIs compared to benchmarks, so we could come away with the most elaborate insights specific to our app. We also got an overview of each available ad unit and the fundamentals of implementation, such as ensuring our placements are clear, accessible and valuable. The expertise of the ad strategy consultancy was unmatched and it was clear the entire team cared a lot about our success - we appreciate their devotion to our optimization and for offering dedicated insights for our app.

The consultancy realized our placements were hidden in our app, driving little engagement, and the team explained that since we already had high retention, it was unlikely that our rewarded video placements would deter users from coming back time and time again. Unity recommended we make our placements more accessible, such as on the home screen. So, the first thing we did was add rewarded video placements to our home screen when users enter the app.

The consultancy also offered unparalleled insight into our rewarded video traffic drivers and the pacing and capping of our ads - how often we were showing rewarded video ads to users and how many times they could view them. For example, the team suggested we test a rewarded video placement that allowed users to claim coins they hadn’t already collected for the day, instilling a feeling of FOMO and encouraging users to engage. The team also suggested capping 3 per day and pacing 0-30 min. We decided to start with a low number of coins and use LevelPlay A/B testing as we increase the amount.

The last placement the consultancy suggested was a rewarded video that offered users extra coins when they reached a new milestone in the app, which could help increase the number of times users enter the app a day.

The consultancy was instrumental for our success with ad implementation, a huge component of our monetization strategy. We look forward to continued insights and improvements.

Increasing revenue by 225% and engagement rate by 5x

After implementing rewarded videos on our home screen, we closely monitored performance through Unity LevelPlay reporting. We were able to maintain our high retention, which was really important to our team, allowing all of our other KPIs to increase and eventually stabilize. In fact, our overall revenue increased by around 225%.

For Android, 

  • Daily revenue increased by 67%
  • ARPDAU by 74%
  • Engagement rate by 5x

For iOS, 

  • Daily revenue increased by 3.5x
  • ARPDAU by 2x
  • Engagement rate by 3x

We value our relationship with the team and appreciate the strong communication and support that has helped us grow tremendously. Seeing so much success in the US working with Unity’s ad strategy consultancy, we are working on applying the same rewarded video placements to our app in Korea. We are also working on implementing offerwall in the US."

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