Case Study

Popular mobile game publisher A Thinking Ape switched to Tapjoy’s offerwall with the goal of improving user experience.

Their current offerwall was generating a high volume of user complaints that were a burden on their customer service team. Users often reported issues of offers not working, and because their previous offerwall provider did not have a very strong Customer Support solution in place, all complaints were directed back to the publisher themselves. A Thinking Ape was eager to improve the experience for their users, reduce CS call volume, and free up their time for more strategic initiatives.


Switch to Tapjoy. As the industry’s leading offerwall provider for over ten years, Tapjoy offers a fully customizable offerwall with the best quality user experience. Working with Tapjoy also includes access to a robust Customer Support department to field any issues as they arise.


Switching to Tapjoy was easy thanks to support from a dedicated account manager and the Tapjoy integrations team. A Thinking Ape saw their revenue double as well as receiving a positive response from their users. Tapjoy’s custom-branded offerwall provided a more engaging user experience, all of which helped contribute to their 2x revenue lift. Moreover, innovative features such as offer progress tracking, the ability to submit a support ticket in-app, and user-friendly instructions radically improved the UX from a technical perspective.


Offerwall revenue increase

3 days

Maximum wait for response to support tickets

“Switching to Tapjoy has all but eliminated user complaints when it comes to the offerwall. When issues do arise, Tapjoy’s customer support team is incredibly attentive to the needs of our players. The replies are always prompt, and the service ratings are excellent. Players are really happy with the entire experience.”

- Caroline Lee, Marketing Producer

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