Think about the apps you use on a daily basis. Now, ask yourself this - what is the common denominator linking them all? Most likely, it is that the majority were installed in the first week of using your new device. 

Recognizing this, savvy app marketers are adding OEMs and carriers to their user acquisition strategies, tapping into the access they provide to mobile users at the earliest touchpoint possible - when they’re setting up new devices. The key is to find the right tech partner to deliver personalized recommendations.

Why getting to users first pays off

For advertisers, reaching users the first time they set up their new device, during the onboarding flow, is a powerful way to improve visibility, installs and long-term retention. Ad placements like Aura’s Out of Box Experience, which recommends apps to users as they’re setting up their new phone, are a great way to get your app in front of your target audience’s eyes, often before you have to compete with rivals on other, more saturated advertising channels. Why is being the first device install so effective?

When users buy a new phone they are in "discovery mode" - meaning they’re more willing to test out new long-term suppliers, whether that app is supplying news, weather, finance or anything else. As a result of this, on OEM and carrier channels we see that users who install new apps in the first few days, and like them, end up being very high value, long-term users. In other words, being first guarantees you’re the app of choice within your vertical.

By being first, mobile advertisers literally get ahead of competitors who are sticking to their traditional channels, and reach users before they do. This is crucial in the current landscape, in which each app vertical has numerous competitors.


Onboarding: The smartest place to reach users before your competitors 

For years, the industry standard for getting to users with new phones first has been static preloads. However, not only can these be expensive for advertisers, but traditional preloads lack personalization, performance optimization, and user choice. This often takes away from their effectiveness in terms of long-term retention and LTV. 

That’s why Aura’s OOBE placement offers an innovative upgrade. When a user buys a new mobile phone and begins the setup flow, they may choose to enter opt-in data such as age, gender and location - data that traditional channels often don’t have access to - and Aura’s tech works its magic, suggesting a list of apps to install that are personalized to these data points. Crucially, users get to choose the apps they want. The impact of this is clear - Aura’s data shows that in the US, OOBE's total launch rates are 22% higher than traditional preloads. 

In addition, advertisers can utilize Aura’s full screen offer that appears at the end of the onboarding flow. The value of this placement is that it grabs the user’s full attention - there are no other apps competing for space on the screen. Ultimately, this maximizes conversion. 

From food delivery, to digital banking and entertainment apps, advertisers across the board are reaping the rewards from incorporating Aura’s OOBE placement into their user acquisition strategy - using it to complement existing activities on traditional channels, and reaching new audiences on the earliest touchpoint possible. 

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