ironSource’s Ad Quality tool is now available on the LevelPlay platform and free to use for all developers using LevelPlay. Ad Quality empowers developers to control the ads users see in their app in order to ensure the best user experience possible. The tool is the latest to be added to LevelPlay, which hosts many products for developers to manage and grow their app business. 

With Ad Quality, you get:

  • An overview of the ads being shown in your app, including both content and user experience
  • Ad-level performance metrics, such as impressions, revenue, and clicks to see how users are engaging with each ad
  • All of your ads and metrics displayed by app - so you can understand where each ad is performing best
  • A notifications system you can set up if a specific unwanted creative, advertiser, or category shows in your app

Top developers like Jam City and Pikpok are already using Ad Quality to boost CPMs, reduce negative feedback, and more. Now every developer using LevelPlay can do the same. 

The integration is simple - once a developer downloads and integrates the SDK, any developer using LevelPlay now has easy access to Ad Quality on the platform, and will have access to the many new features to come.  

To learn more about Ad Quality, get in touch with your account manager for a demo. Stay tuned for more products coming to LevelPlay designed to help grow your business. 

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