AppsFlyer, one of the leading mobile attribution companies, just released their latest industry standard Performance Index, which ranks different mobile media sources according to volume and quality. The 10th edition of the Performance Index covers the second half of 2019, and analyzes 38B app installs across 20K different apps.

In the report, ironSource Aura ranked third in the global power ranking for non-games on Android. Following only Google and Facebook, this makes ironSource the largest independent network delivering quality app installs for non-game apps in the world. In addition, ironSource Aura also ranked third in the non-gaming market in North America, reflecting our strong partnerships with the leading US carriers. 

This impressive power ranking - accounting for both quality and scale - reflects the unique nature of the ironSource Aura platform and the advertising experiences it enables. As technology has evolved, we’ve succeeded in transforming OEM and carrier distribution from a static partnership to a dynamic, performance-based channel. 

By layering sophisticated technology onto the devices of leading global OEMs and mobile carriers, Aura is able to connect advertisers to high quality users at moments they are fully focused on installing new apps they want and need. 

There are three key benefits to the Aura platform: 

Uniquely native ad placements 

Aura creates high-engagement touchpoints throughout the device lifecycle, from a setup wizard with a rich onboarding experience, to a native placement following a device update, or a smart notification triggered by on-device data. Unlike interruptive ads, these app recommendations aren’t experienced as ads by users, who are simply choosing to install the apps they want and need at moments they need them. Moreover, advertisers leveraging the channel are able to rise above the noise of other channels, emerging as one of two or three other highly-curated apps. 

Proprietary device data 

Both carriers and device manufacturers enable a wide range of targeting options that can have an amazing impact on campaign relevance and performance. Users often opt-in to sharing age and gender data, and in addition, advertisers can leverage device and geo data to uncover highly relevant moments to connect with potential users. 

Almost zero risk of fraud

Due to the nature of our technology, advertisers experience almost zero risk of fraud with Aura. Since we’re advertising on new devices, they are unlikely to have any potentially malicious adware installed, and Aura isn’t vulnerable to attribution manipulation. This is borne out by the fact that AppsFlyer specifically factored in a networks’ overall fraud rate to their power ranking, and is a testament to the success Aura has seen in providing advertisers high quality, fraud-free traffic.

The mobile app economy is one of the most exciting spaces to be working in today, with app install advertising spend reaching $57.8 billion in 2019 alone. As it becomes increasingly challenging for advertisers to stand out from the crowd, our goal for the year ahead is to continue serving ads that actually improve the user experience and enable positive interactions between user and advertiser, helping UA managers rise above the noise of other marketing channels and acquire an engaged, long-term user base.

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