Interactive end cards

Engage users and make a lasting impression with a custom interactive experience. Create a one-of-a-kind branded mini-game to pair with video or run as a standalone unit.

Advertiser Benefits:

  • → Increase engagement
  • → Boost CTR
  • → Raise brand awareness
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Interactive end card features

Real-time A/B testing

Test different creative concepts for your end cards to maximize user engagement.

Mobile-first design

Interactive end cards use intuitive touchscreen features like swiping and tapping, making them the perfect fit for mobile users.

Value-exchange model

By rewarding mobile users for choosing to watch in-app video ads, users are more likely to choose to engage with the interactive end card.

Are interactive end cards right for you?

Custom asseats

Do you want to tell a memorable brand story?

Our team of experts will help you create a fun, creative interactive end card that uses your own brand assets.

Boost engagement

Do you want to capitalize on consumer attention?

By enabling consumers to actively interact with your products or services, you’ll engage them and capture their attention in a way that traditional ads simply can’t match.

Proven results

Do you want to achieve your advertising goals?

Our partners who use interactive end cards have seen increased video completions, higher click-through rates, and higher engagement overall.

Customer success stories

Sparkling Ice gets 3M video views & beats playable benchmark by 5x


The Biden Campaign Gamifies Election Awareness & Sees A Record-breaking 9% CTR


Frito-Lay Drives Holiday Brand Lift With 2.6 MM Gamified Engagements