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Impression Level Revenue

What is impression level revenue?

Impression level revenue represents the value of the revenue generated by devices from ads viewed in-app. It gives developers a granular, device-level look at how much revenue their ad monetization strategy is generating. In addition, impression level revenue gives developers a more complete picture of the efficacy of their marketing spend. Developers can evaluate the quality of users acquired through marketing campaigns and organic traffic in terms of ad revenue generated post-install, not just in-app purchases. Additionally, developers can use the data to improve their monetization strategy by applying different segmentations based on the impression level revenue data.

ironSource’s impression level revenue tool bridges the monetization and user acquisition sides of the coin to give developers access to user ad revenue data on acquired users. The tool provides a clear view of the amount of ad revenue generated by devices acquired through marketing campaigns - resulting in a much wider, more accurate picture of the quality of acquired users from across different marketing channels. Developers can access the tool through ironSource’s User Acquisition platform or mediation platform.

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