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Preloaded Apps

What are preloaded apps?

Preloaded apps are mobile apps which are installed and licensed on new devices before they’re purchased. In other words, they’re apps that new device owners can interact with right out of the box. It’s a common user acquisition strategy for advertisers who work with OEMs and carriers, and wish to expand their performance-based marketing beyond traditional advertising sources.

Typically, preloads are done at the factory level, meaning the same apps are preloaded across all devices, without taking individual user preferences into account. Of course, this is not ideal for app advertisers who wish to maximize scale and usage while keeping performance cost-effective.

With Aura, however, mobile advertisers can intelligently preload their apps on devices they know are likely to install and open their app - ultimately maximizing scale of high performance devices, improving user experience.

How? Aura’s smart AI algorithm uses a unique set of parameters to ensure customized experiences. Then Aura installs the app icon on the user’s home screen while the user is completing the onboarding flow.

The impact of preloaded apps on app performance

Ultimately, the relevance of intelligently preloaded apps guarantees that app advertisers will see higher conversion rates (i.e, opening the app from the home screen) and therefore increased scale in their user acquisition campaigns. Because preloads are placed according to tested segments, not only are app advertisers unlocking massive scale, but they’re unlocking massive scale and quality installs.

Examples of iPhone preloaded apps

  • Messages
  • Calendar
  • Safari
  • Podcasts
  • Apple Watch
  • Maps
  • Photos

Samsung preloaded apps

  • Amazon
  • Android Pay
  • Facebook
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Maps
  • Instagram

Verizon preloaded apps

  • Verizon Message+
  • Audible
  • NFL Mobile
  • VZ Navigator
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