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OEM Advertising

OEM advertising for mobile apps

OEM apps

In the mobile industry, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) refers to companies or people who manufacture their own phones in their own factories. For example, some of Android’s OEMs include Samsung, LG, and NUU Mobile.

OEMs determine how, when, and why mobile devices are used, which makes them critical to the app economy. ironSource’s Aura has transformed OEMs into a powerful advertising tool for mobile apps by harnessing the full power of on-device app recommendation.

OEM advertising

App marketers can now advertise directly on OEM devices either through direct partnerships or through partners, like Aura. OEM advertising for apps occurs at many touch points throughout the device lifecycle. Reaching the users at these pivotal moments, such as onboarding, allows for specific targeting based on device model and geo, and inputted age and gender. Further, advertising on OEMs feels native, natural, and value-generated, rather than interruptive. Ultimately, this means that the apps users choose to download are likely to be in use over the long-term.

OEM marketing strategy

Platforms like Aura offer unique advertising experiences with OEMs. Aura actively caters to each OEM and their demographics with over-the-air customizing. OEMs have complete control over device interface and content customization meaning apps are guaranteed to be relevant and valuable to the user. Aura's OEM digital marketing strategy also gives OEMs access to deep data insights for optimal user engagement and device churn rate reduction.

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