Monthly active users

What is MAU?

Monthly active users (MAU) is an app usage metric which reveals the total amount of users who visit an app within a 30 day period. MAU helps app developers understand their app’s popularity - is it increasing, decreasing, or stagnant?

ironSource’s ad mediation platform includes reporting for iOS app analytics and Android app analytics, both of which include metrics like monthly active users and daily active users.

MAU growth: How to increase monthly active users

There are several ways to increase monthly active users. It begins with a strong retention marketing strategy:

  • Learn how users behave inside your app by using an analytics tool to track sessions, session length, buttons clicked, and more
  • Optimize your onboarding flow
  • Use push notifications and offer special promotions to encourage existing users to return
  • Run retargeting campaigns
  • Use in-app messaging as a re-engagement tool
  • Do email marketing
  • Run CPE campaigns as a way to get high-quality users cost-effectively

How To Increase Monthly Active Users
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