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Mobile User Acquisition

Mobile user acquisition

What is mobile user acquisition?

Mobile user acquisition plays a major role within an app’s marketing strategy. Mobile user acquisition involves running paid advertising campaigns to acquire new users, with the goal being to maximize profit by acquiring users who eventually monetize for more than they were purchased for.

Mobile user acquisition platforms and strategy

The key to a robust mobile user acquisition strategy is running campaigns on multiple user acquisition platforms and ad sources. There are many ways app marketers can boost their mobile user acquisition strategy and obtain new users, including social media marketing, email marketing, mobile ad networks like ironSource, and tech platforms connecting them to OEMs and carriers, such as Aura.

It’s also best practice to run campaigns on a variety of ad placements within each ad source. For example, while distributing through OEMs and carriers by running on platforms like Aura, be sure to diversify your mobile user acquisition strategy as fully as possible by advertising via dynamic preloads, the onboarding experience (OOBE), and smart notifications.

what is mobile user acquisition

Mobile user acquisition costs

The cost of user acquisition for mobile apps continues to rise and is becoming more expensive for app marketers to generate ROI. The cost depends on a handful of factors including pricing model, operating system, country, and ad source. According to Statista, in 2019 it cost $1.75 to acquire a mobile app user, $3.52 to get a user to register, and $86.61 to get a user to make an in-app purchase. With increasing user acquisition costs for mobile apps, it’s becoming increasingly important to find alternative channels that offer more competitive solutions that are cost-effective without compromising on quality, such as the Aura platform.

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