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Mobile Onboarding

Mobile onboarding

Mobile app onboarding

With Aura, mobile marketers have the option to advertise their app during the mobile device onboarding experience. Aura’s setup wizard, or out of the box experience, allows users to choose to install apps while setting up their new phones. Aura places apps in the onboarding experience according to its AI and machine learning capabilities, which finds relevant users according to various contextual and behavioral parameters and personalizes the experience for each user.

mobile onboarding

Mobile app onboarding best practices

There are a few best practices mobile advertisers can implement to increase the performance of ad campaigns run during mobile device onboarding experience with Aura. First, it’s best practice to test a few different placements (e.g. OOBE, Full-Screen Offer, etc.), in order to find which one performs the best. It’s also recommended to bid as high as possible for each ad unit, so that your app is one of the first featured on the list.

Great mobile onboarding examples in 2020

Likee, a Singaporean app that’s popular among Gen Z, ran a successful campaign on Aura’s mobile onboarding placement. After finding the best placement and bid for the campaign, Likee was able to acquire a high volume of quality users - to the point that 20-30% of all of Likee’s installs come from Aura.

mobile onboarding example

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