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Mobile Delivery Platform

Mobile delivery platform

What is a mobile delivery platform?

Mobile delivery platforms are the middlemen that help mobile operators (such as Verizon) and device manufacturers (such as Samsung) connect advertisers with users of mobile devices. For mobile advertisers, mobile delivery platforms provide an opportunity to diversify their marketing basket, so they’re not relying solely on traditional channels such as Facebook and Google, and reach users at valuable moments.

Why distribute your app on a mobile marketplace?

Mobile delivery platforms like Aura have multiple benefits for mobile advertisers.

  • High intent touchpoints: Touchpoints throughout the mobile device’s lifetime allow advertisers to reach users at high intent moments. These include the device update experience (DUE), the setup wizard, and Smart Notifications. Due to the nature of the placements, the ads are perceived as inherent parts of the device experience, enabling advertisers to benefit from high conversion rates (CVRs) for their campaigns.
  • Stand out from the crowd: One of the challenges faced by mobile advertisers today is the saturation of Facebook and Google. Users are served multiple ads every time they scroll through Instagram or Facebook, and this level of exposure limits the ads’ engagement rates. Mobile delivery platforms like Aura, by contrast, allow more isolated ad experiences at high intent and genuinely useful moments for users, allowing for greater impact for ad campaigns and more value provided to users.
  • Long-term users: Mobile delivery platforms like Aura facilitate only the most relevant and useful ads, which users install because they perceive them as valuable additions to their device experience. This enables advertisers to acquire long-term, high quality users.

Evaluating which mobile delivery platform is for you

When choosing the right mobile delivery platform, evaluate the strength of the platform’s position in the industry and the partnerships they have with device manufacturers and carriers. ironSource Aura is an industry leader that taps into a global network of hundreds of millions of devices, including Samsung, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

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